Imagine yourself speeding down what you may perceive as a good road. Now visualize driving down that same highway with your wheels pointing the wrong direction. It will not be the same beautiful road again. So, when your wheels are out of alignment, it means the tires are not facing the right path or moving in the right direction for that matter. This will affect your steering and suspension, including your safety as well. Now let’s see below when you will need a wheel alignment.

You car drifts to one side

There is that belief that a vehicle ought to be driven flawlessly straight with your hands on the steering wheel. This is not the situation, in reality, it only happens in the perfect world. It is because all roads have some level of crowning which causes a slim pull to one side making it dangerous for you. If you are driving and your car seems to drift to one side of the road, then this is a hint that your wheel needs an alignment.

Steering wheel does not return to the center

The steering is supposed to begin returning to the center by itself as you drive, just after you complete a turn. It doesn’t imply that you have to take your hands off the wheel. You have to keep your hands on the wheel to help your steering attain this quickly while in control of the vehicle. However, if this does not happen after a turn, then this is a sign that you need a car wheel alignment.

Abnormal tire wear

The patterns of your tire are very significant in helping you to know the exact state of your car. Tire wear is at most times detected by a mechanic while performing an inspection during a service. Proper tire alignment adds life to your tires. If you identify any unusual tire wear patterns, you should have an alignment done on your vehicle right away.

Steering feels loose

If you are driving and the steering feels somehow unstable, one of the causes for that can be poor wheel alignment. The problem may cause the car to feel sloppy or loose just about the corners. If your vehicle feels this way while driving, then do not risk your life. It is time to have the alignment. You can take it to problem car mechanics to be checked

Steering wheel not centered

When driving on a level road, the steering wheel should be sitting almost straight.  However, a little inconsistency is allowed due to the difference in the crowning of the roads. But still,  you should be able to see that the steering wheel is level.

So, if the wheel is off the center by even a single degree in any direction, it is significant therefore that you have an alignment done on your vehicle.

Wheel alignment is usually not included on the maintenance schedule, by car manufacturers. It is vital to have alignment checkups regularly. This is one way of maintaining your car and keeping yourself safe.


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