With all the activities that your car endures every day, it is bound to take a beating and get overloaded with clutter. Car detailing is vital for keeping your car clean because more than simply washing your car’s exterior with a rag and soapy water or vacuuming it, detailing focuses on cleaning the tiny details of your car. The tips below will be helpful in keeping your car clean and smelling fresh.


Keep a trash bag


A small grocery like bag is essential for cleaning your car so that you can be able to toss out the trash that makes its way into your car. Make a habit of taking out the trash after every trip and this way it will never get out of hand. At times, you may be having a number of people in your car and trash can get out of hand if you don’t dump it regularly. While at it, avoid smoking in your car because not only will it cause bad odors, it is also likely to ruin your car’s upholstery.


Keep wipes in the car


Although there are special wipes specifically made for cleaning cars, baby wipes do the same job and they are just as effective not to mention they cost much less. Wipes come in handy in helping you to clean spills and they can also be used to clean your dashboard when it gets dusty. Use spill proof cups to reduce spillages in your car. They will save you the hassle of having to clean up drinks from your car’s mats or upholstery.


Keep an air freshener in the car


Even if you require a little car cleaning, a great scent will help you to see past a little dirt. Perk Fresh Link is an innovative brand of automotive car freshener that provides high quality and long lasting fragrances. It can be clipped, linked or hanged on the rearview mirror, grab bars and gearshift. The most effective car fresheners are the ones that neutralize odors rather than cover them up with a masking scent.


Interior car detailing


While it is important to have both the exterior and exterior of your car clean, it is quite easy to clean the outside. Interior car detailing involves a deep cleaning of the entire interior cabin. Car interiors have an array of materials such as carbon fiber composites, leather, plastics, vinyl and synthetic carpet upholstery. Car detailers use different products and techniques to address cleaning these. Vacuuming is a must in the car detailing process while brushes, liquid and foam chemicals as well as steam cleaning may be used to remove stains on upholstery.


Keep your car dry


Do not leave the windows of your car open because water leaks can cause mold and mildew which are not only bad for your health but smelly as well. Floor mats are also essential in absorbing any spillages that may happen in your car but ensure the mats are washed regularly during your car cleaning routine because they can become smelly too if unwashed for a long period of time.

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