Whatever car you are driving the car tires are a very vital part of the car. New tires can be considered as an investment, peace of mind and security as good tires give you a safe riding guarantee. The car tires just like any other parts of the car tend to wear with time. Thus it’s critical to know when it’s time for a tire change.

The performance of the car is paramount as it is essential to the efficiency safety and performance of the car. According to research performed recently, it is estimated that at least 200 fatalities are caused annually by tire failures. These numbers can be reduced if we all learn how to check and know when to replace the tire. The car tires are designed to provide a consistent performance for their entire life. However, it reaches a point, and the tires tend to lose their performance mainly in traction and braking ability.

Learn the basics of the car tire

The first part of knowing when to change the vehicle tires is learning the basic functions of all of the tire parts. To many the car tire looks like just one round black thing but to a car driver, it has so many parts working together for the benefit of the car’s performance and safety. The primary function of the treads on the tire is to divert the water on a wet road from beneath the tire thus improving traction even on a wet drive. Once the tire thread gets down to 1.6mm the tire is no longer safe.

The five years mark

If you happen to reach five years with your car tire, it is important to take them for a thorough check with a qualified technician as the tire are now considered old tire. It is important that even before the five years’ mark tires are taken for tire service at least once a year to ensure maximum safety of the passengers of the car. The checks should also be performed if at any time between the year the vehicle is involved in a car collision.

Tire damage

Tire damage is bound to happen to the tires anytime, however, if dent tires are taken for dent repair and cannot be fixed automatically means that the tire has to be replaced with a new one. Usually, most of the tire damages will cause the tire to go flat now and then, if the tire store is not able to repair it then it automatically means that you have to replace your tire. Tire damages are not only on the outside but sometimes the tires encounter severe internal damages, and that’s what leads to the visible bubble on the outer sidewalls of the tire. If this happens to your tires replace tire immediately as it is a risk to your passengers

Visual checks on the tires are also necessary as it can help one detect tire damages that can be dangerous. Any cut on the tire should be check because a slight cut on the outside might look harmless but could have gone deep into the tire. Also when an object penetrates inside the tire, it is advised to change the wheel and desist entirely from driving with the wheel. These are very dangerous circumstances that can lead to terrible accidents when the car is driving at high speed.


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