Vehicle care in the presence of extreme heat conditions can be very difficult. In the summer, your car battery loses its charge 33% faster than in the cold season. On a very hot day, the temperature in your vehicle’s engine could actually exceed 60 degrees. The fact here is that heat, rather than cold is responsible for your car’s shortened battery life. The following car care tips on how to protect your car from the brutality of the summer heat could be quite helpful for your car maintenance.


Check your battery’s charge before summer begins

In most cases, if your car’s battery is more than three years old, it would be good car maintenance practice to get it checked by a trained technician for a state-of-charge test. A load whose weight is determined by the battery’s capacity will be placed on the battery for fifteen continuous seconds. After that, the battery’s voltage should remain above 9.6 volts. This test should assure you that your vehicle will be in proper operation during the summer.

Check your vehicle’s air conditioning

Making sure that the air conditioning in your car is working properly and that there is sufficient coolant in the system to handle the summer heat is another car care tip. If things are cool in the passenger cabin, you stay alert and your passengers stay comfortable.

Safeguard against engine overheating

Every car engine has a dedicated cooling system but summer heat can put a bit of strain on it. One of the things you must do as part of vehicle care is to flush and replace the engine coolant before the summer to help prevent your engine from overheating and save you costs on car repair.

Pay attention to tires

Inadequate pressure is the main enemy of car tires but heat follows at a close second. You will be courting disaster if you drive with improperly inflated tires on a hot day. The hotter the road surface is, the higher the possibility of a blowout. Checking tire pressure in order to avoid braking problems and flat tires should be part of your car maintenance routine.

Park under shade

This is the simplest car care tip and form of protection for your car. By avoiding direct sunlight, you will be able to keep your dash from cracking and drying. If it is safe to open your car windows as well, then take the opportunity and do so as that will help to lower the temperatures inside and equalize the air pressure. Leather seats will also benefit from this vehicle care tip because they will not crack under shade.

Stock your emergency kit

It doesn’t matter how many vehicle care tips you have in your possession or how regularly you go for car maintenance, you will never be completely immune to a summer breakdown. It is highly recommended for every car owner to have an emergency kit stocked with essential supplies such as non-perishable food items, water, new batteries, a flashlight and a first aid kit. Finally, you may have to leave your car parked for some time during vacations and you will need to protect it from heat so why not have a trickle charger to safely add charge to your battery to ensure that your car will start even after sitting idle for a period of time.


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