Poor roads can be your wheels worst enemy. Driving down potholes, bad roads or even hitting a curb can greatly affect your wheel alignment. This can cause wheel alignment issues which can accelerate uneven tire wear and steering issues. If your vehicle tracks as straight as an arrow, your wheel alignment is proper. However, wheel alignment mechanics in Mississauga recommend that your wheel alignment needs to be checked yearly. The following are ways to know that you need a wheel alignment.


Your car pulls to one side


If your car pulls in a single direction while driving and you have to turn the steering wheel away from the center position in order to drive straight, that indicates that the caster or camber angle is not within specifications. It could also be an indication of a wheel alignment problem. A wheel that is the wrong size or one that is under inflated can cause a pull. If the car pulls randomly in both directions, then there might be a loose suspension.Wheel alignment in Mississauga is readily available and should you experience this.


Crooked steering wheel


Mechanics in Mississauga warn of steering wheels that are not straight because they are an indication of improper wheel alignment. The caster is a steering wheel’s pivot angle so if there is a problem with it, your steering will tend to lean either backward or forward. If you notice that your steering wheel is crooked, you need to see a wheel alignment mechanic for correction.


Vehicle noises


Knocking, creaking,squeaking or rubbing sounds are indicators of a wheel alignment problem in your car. Worn out or loose wheels can cause a series of strange noises from underneath your car. This indicates that your car requires wheel alignment.A wheel alignment mechanic should examine your car in such a situation.


Uneven tire wear


This is one of the best ways to diagnose a wheel alignment problem. If the steering and suspension on your car checks out, then how the tire wears out will indicate the alignment problem. If it is wearing on the outside, the car’s camber angle is too positive and vice versa. If the tire has pointed edges, then that indicates that the tire is being dragged along the ground and the car is need of wheel alignment.


Steering vibrations


If while driving your vehicle constantly shakes, it may be time for a wheel alignment. This vibration may occur with two wheels trying to go in different directions. This is usually as a result of unevenly worn out tires which may be caused by hitting potholes and will consequently result towheel alignment issues.

Vehicle manufacturers do not usually list wheel alignment on the recommended maintenance schedule of your vehicle. However, Mississauga wheel repair experts recommend a visit to wheel alignment mechanic if you notice any of the above symptoms in your vehicle. If they are not noticeable, an annual visit to any of the wheel alignment repair facilities in Mississauga is advisable. Most of the wheel alignment shops in Mississauga guarantee their work for up to one year, so bring your car back within the guarantee period to have your wheels checked again for free.


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