Car painting is not just a task to be done on the car by anyone; car painting is an art that requires proper care in handling. Car painting is one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks that are performed on a car in a garage. Unlike other car works, car painting is not considered a mechanical job but rather considered as a work of fine art. Why car painting is regarded as an art is because of the precision needed to achieve final great results. A lot of hours is spent on the job sanding, welding, and preparing the body before the actual paint job begins. Most of the car owners around the world believe that car painting is just another systematic process that can easily be performed by any mechanic. However rather than this misconception, the car painting is a process containing multiple steps that lead to the final car painting process. To be considered a good painter one needs lots of patience and high-level of professionalism because car paint job will, in the end, reveal any blemishes caused by lack of professionalism.

How much does car painting cost

The cost of painting a car cannot be decided with a precise figure. Main reason the prize of painting a car is not specific is because same way the car prizes range is the same way car painting prices range. The first thing that determines the cost of car painting is whether it is done by profession or a DIY specialist. Many people will prefer DIY paint jobs because it is cheaper based on the fact that the labor fee is not paid and the only expense incurred is the purchase of car paint and other tools. However, as much as DIY paint job may be cheap, it might not be as good as paint job done by professionals. As mentioned earlier, paint jobs require lots of patience and professionalism.

Professional Car Painting

For those who prefer professional body painting the service is offered at different levels depending on the customer needs. The various levels of body art also directly translate to different prices for the service. The different levels of professional car painting include basic, standard and showroom quality with the showroom quality being the highest level of car spray paint.

Levels of professional car painting

The basic car paint Mississauga service involves a few coats using the synthetic enamel car paint. With the basic choice, the car paint service usually only includes the painting of visible parts of the car and the non-visible points may most often than not be ignored. The standard level of car paint service on the other hand including sanding of the motor vehicle body to remove rust before the first process of painting. This helps provide a clean, attractive finish, and it is the most commonly used level of car painting. When it comes to the showroom quality of car painting, the process involves car sanding, and complete bodywork to the bare metal to remove all the dents and rusts on the car. This is a common practice for cars undergoing full car detailing. After that the car is applied with up to 24 coats of paint in a process that takes up to a month to complete.


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