When it comes to car painting, everyone has some pretty good techniques up their sleeve. All look great depending on every person’s taste of color. It does not matter what kind of car airbrush you are using, what is important is you do the right job that everyone would like to see. Doing it right the first time will save you the extra cost of doing it over and over again. Here are some of the car spray painting tricks that we found useful and might interest you as well.

Remove vehicle parts for painting

If you do not specialize in car painting, then you should try and remove the parts to be painted. This is crucial if you intend to spray a particular section of the vehicle such as a door. But if you cannot remove the parts, then you should ensure that you tape them off. It will help to avoid spraying sections of the car that you do not intend to work on. A painter’s grade of masking tape is recommended for taping off areas in case there is need to.

Prepare your vehicle surface

Start by preparing the surface of the vehicle you intend to paint. Sandpaper should be your confidant at all times when painting a car. For smoothening of scratches use 80 grit pieces of sand paper. Spraying becomes simple when spending more time on preparation rather than the actual painting. You can practice sanding techniques with higher grits.

Start with light coats

When you start spraying your car, do it just like the experts. Start by spraying several light layers. Spraying a lot of paint onto a vehicle may lead to runs, and that is not what we want. To avoid this, you will have to hold your spray nozzle a few inches away from the vehicle. Then go ahead and spray your car with slow but level strokes. Some new car painters alter their painting rhythm when they realize they missed a spot. Do not do that. If you miss one, all you need to do is go head but check that spot when you do the second layer.

Time before next spray

Every type of paint has its wait time before you can apply the next coat. In this case, do not apply your next coat before the recommended time. Some car paints require you to wait up to 20 minutes before you can do the next spray. For primer applications, it is crucial that you wait 24 hours. Before you can apply your primer, you will need to wet sand your car with up 1200 grit piece of sandpaper. This is to make it simpler for you when spraying the vehicle and reduce the amount of paint used for the covering of the car.


You might happen to make errors along the way. But this should not be the ground to stop spraying.  Correct the errors before applying another layer of paint. If there are paint runs, ensure to use sandpaper to remove them. It is not all about being an expert but learning to do it and carefully.


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