One of the most common questions car owners usually find themselves asking is, how to take care of the car. The problem seems so hard however its answer is simple and each and every car owner just needs to establish and follow the necessary vehicle maintenance plan. The car maintenance plan involves reading the vehicle’s user manual and servicing the car at reputable service stations.

When it comes to the servicing and maintenance of the car the car transmission is one of the most important components in a car. As known, there is no other more complicated part of a car than the motor vehicle transmission. The car transmission is the area of the car responsible for the shifting of gears whether automatically or manually to dynamically help in the change of speed. The car transmission is the component that ensures the engine delivers power to the wheels in an efficient based on the speed.

With this information in mind, it is evident that car transmission repair is a task that should be handled carefully and by professional to ensure the car does not end up dead before its time. The best way deal with car transmission repair is by first learning the basic of what to check for to understand and know a failing car transmission unit. Knowing how a car part works ensure one stays away from constant rip-offs from mechanics.

Tips of detecting if the automotive transmission unit deserves a repair

Transmission slips

The first sign of a car that needs a car transmission repair service is transmission slipping. Transmission slipping is the case whereby a driver feels like they are driving in a particular gear and the car suddenly changes to a new gear. This is mostly common on automatic transmission vehicles. During such instances, the engine might produce some kinds of noise changing in pitch, and sometimes the sound from the engine might sound like whining. In addition to these sounds, the car may also feel like it’s struggling on the road with a feeling of being underpowered. On another occasion, the driver might feel like the car is not accelerating as it should in common cases.

Whenever such issues occur, it is a clear sign that the car needs special attention by a transmission specialist. If not checked early the condition can worsen, and at times the problem might shift from a car transmission repair to a complete transmission rebuilt.

Rough shifts

Another sign of a car that needs transmission repair is the case of irregular shifts. The rough shifts condition is where driving the car feels like the car is refusing to change gears as it would normally. In other cases, the gears might change but after a struggle. Other times the change of gears can lead to noticeable thud and clunk sounds from the engine. This kind of car will most often than not have a difficult time when it comes to picking up speed and might need the vehicle owner to replace transmission. In the case of having to replace the transmission, it is important that only specialized mechanics handle the job as it can be hazardous and touches on vital parts of the car


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